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Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic
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Uses – The ingredients in the Egyptian Magic cream also give it natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The cream itself is not significantly greasy and has been used on all skin types. Egyptian Magic has been used for some of the following purposes:

Moisturizing, especially after shaving or sun exposure. May also be used as a night moisturizer.
Smoothening and repairing dry, rough and chapped skin on elbows, hands and feet.
Treating diaper rash in babies. Since it is generally considered to be safe for infants, it can be used as a replacement for petroleum or mineral oil based baby products.
Keeping the nails and cuticles healthy.
Conditioning and de-frizzing hair, repairing split ends.
Softening and moisturizing lips.
Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.
Treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and sore skin.
Helping with dark circles under eyes and dehydrated tissues.
Healing cuts, scratches and sores on skin.
Soothing redness, and healing blemishes and acne scars.
Application – Since Egyptian magic is an oil-based, solidified product, it needs to be warmed up for some time in order to soften. It melts as soon as it comes in contact with the skin and gets absorbed relatively quickly. For hair application, the cream can be applied to the hair and scalp for an hour and then washed off.

Super Silver 10

Super Silver 10
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Super Silver Solution is a NEW technically advanced form of a product that has been sold worldwide for decades called colloidal silver. Super Silver?s manufacturing process is so unique that it was granted the only patent ever issued for the method of construction of a silver based product. Super Silver consists of tiny (about 10 nanometers long) particles of pure elemental silver suspended in pure water.

To Super Charge your immune system or to keep yourself healthy- Adults take 2-3 teaspoons a day, swish & hold in mouth as long as possible then swallow.

If you feel something coming on Adults start taking 2-3 tablespoons per day ( you can gargle as well).

If you are already sick take 1 teaspoon an hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 2-3 tablespoons a day for at least 7-10 days.

CHILDREN- Under 5 use smallest dose suggested
To Super Charge your immune system or just to keep healthy- Give Children 1/2-1 teaspoon once or twice a day, swish then hold in mouth as long as possible then swallow.

If your child feels something coming on … start taking or gargling 1 -2 teaspoons once or twice per day for at least 7-10 days.

If your child is already sick give them 1/2 teaspoon per hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 1-3 teaspoons one or twice a day for at least 7-10 days.


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Drucker Labs intraKID Raspberry Liquid Nutritional Supplement for Children, 33 oz Liquid

intraKID is the finest and most comprehensive nutritional supplement available for children. This formula utilizes our proprietary intraCELL™ V technology and a perfectly balanced set of nutrients for the needs of our younger patients.

Containing trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients into an unbelievably great-tasting raspberry formula, intraKID supports a number of health care abouts for children, including:

Solid Nutritional Foundation
Neuro-Cognitive Brain Function
Focus and Concentration
Mood Regulation
Short and Long Term Memory
Sleep and Wake Cycle
Immune System Response
Sugar Control
Respiratory Support
Growth and Development


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Drucker Labs intraMIN 100% Organic Trace Mineral Supplement, Unflavored, 33 oz Liquid

Why Do So Many Doctors Recommend intraMIN
Proper composition of body pH, and Electrolytes
Formation of healthy blood and strong bones
Maintains nerve function
Builds and repairs muscles, tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc.
Proper assimilation by our bodies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, glycogens, etc.
Reduces Free Radical damage to our cells, thereby slowing the aging process
Proper detoxification of inter-cellular metabolic wastes
Provides each cell with a neuro-electrical and inter-cellular catalyst to assist in the transport of over 72 organic, chelated minerals, poly-electrolytes, microcomplexes and other vital nutrients into our cells
Assists in the prevention of colds, flu's, allergies and disease processes
Increased healing and repair time of injuries, bruises, scars, illnesses (both acute and chronic), surgeries, colds, flu's allergies, etc. DR Drucker also believes intraMIN with organic, Homeostatic Soil-based microcomplexes provides our bodies with maximum energy, strength and stamina!


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IntraMAX - Drucker Labs - 100% Organic 415 Nutrient, All In One Liquid Vitamin Supplement, 33 oz Liquid

IntraMAX 100% carbon-bond organic liquid nutritional supplement provides the nutrition your body needs in its most bio-available form. IntraMAX supports healthy bones, immune system, maintains nerve function, muscle repair, tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons. The liquid reduces free radical damage to our cells, slowing the aging process. It also provides proper assimilation by our bodies of other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more, as well as proper detoxification of inter-cellular metabolic wastes.

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Patient Testimonials

I have been coming to Lafayette Chiropractic for over 30 years! The staff is always sweet, caring and courteous. I'm always greeted with a smile and am never hurried. I always recommend Dr Jensen to others!!               
Rebecca P - Tallahassee FL

I always recommend Dr Jensen at Lafayette Chiropractic! I have seen vast improvement in my pain and ability since seeing him!    
Tabitha L - Tallahassee FL

I see Dr Jensen for Homeopathy... better alternative to taking modern medications!
Rachelle B. - Tallahassee FL

I enjoy coming to Lafayette Chiropractic - the water fountains are so soothing!
Missy C . - Tallahassee FL

All great!! Excellent experience with accurate expectations! Now pain free!!!
Chris K.  - Tallahassee FL

Office Hours

Monday8 - 12:301:30 - 5:00
Tuesday8 - 12:301:30 - 5:00
Wednesday8 - 12:301:30 - 5:00
Thursday8 - 12:301:30 - 5:00
Friday8 - 12:301:30 - 5:00
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